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Varsha Sangal offers Alternate Healing Center offering a wide range of services on Stress Management, Anger Management, Allergy Management, Weight Management, Pain Management, and Relation Management. Since the time of our inception in this domain, our quest has been to help people relieve their stress, tension, anxiety, depression, and spiritual and emotional pain. Whether you are carrying emotional baggage, spiritual pain, or unsuitable belief, we are dedicated to taking care of your matter and giving you a life-changing experience through yoga retreat, meditation retreat, silent retreat, and spiritual retreat. Rejuvenate and replenish you completely without using any medicine for that. You are sure to reconnect with your soul and fall in love with your inner being.

The Founder


Varsha Sangal has been practicing Alternate Healing methods over 20 years. Her profound knowledge and mastery over the yoga retreat, meditation retreat, silent retreat, and spiritual retreat have helped many people relieve their stress, tension, anxiety, depression, and spiritual and emotional pain. Her stress management, anger management, allergy management, weight management, pain management, and relation management advice have helped many individuals come out of many critical situations. Her therapy is custom designed and focused on relinquishing the woes, stress and pain. It amalgamates different modalities that work on both the soul and the body of the practitioners. Varsha is very attentive, careful and intuitive. She listens to everybody carefully and loves to offer a perfect panacea for each issue and problem. She is dedicated to serving the humanity and offering alternative healing methods for the betterment of human life and society. Her belief in life is to live it to the fullest and that can be achieved via syncing life energy with that of the UNIVERSE.

What do people say?

Ms. Ekta

Varsha is the most amazing and sincere trainer. Her energy is infectious and you receive the energy the instant you meet her. Her enthusiasm to impart knowledge to her clients and students can’t be expressed in words. I feel a magic and miracle change in my life.

Ms. Priya

Varsha I'm in deep gratitude towards you to show the path of access consciousness. My journey is moving forward… but my first step with you. Varsha you magically heal us and take us towards the fulfilment of the deep desires of our heart… Deep gratitude towards you.

Ms. Anu

I would love to share my experience after listening to the clearings shared by varsha mam. They have really helped me and I can feel the energy shift in my body. My body is telling me that change is awaiting. I got cold as the energy shift is happening.

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